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Light or Not to the Question

Shopping is one of my pet peeves. I find it takes me forever; especially with kids in toe and often I find myself heading to the supermarket when everyone else is too.

Then, I find a new product, I whip it off the shelf and check out the label. This is when I get a little hot under the collar.

Labels should be our most accurate method of finding out what is actually in the product. However are manufacturers telling an accurate story?

Sometimes I wonder if they are competing against each other in the forms of label to sell more product and serving size especially, is one to keep an eye out for. If the product has potentially a reasonable amount of sugar or fat in it, chances are the serving size will be unrealistic.

The label could show a tiny serving size to help make the amount of sugar or fat appear less on the label so the product appears to be a healthy choice. So make sure you look at how many servings per item and gauge how many servings you would potentially have in that meal - then multiply the serving size to suit. More accurate quide on if that product is best suited.

I picked up two Coconut Milk items today...see image below. The Trident Brand was marketed at 'Light', then the basic Homebrand was just regular Coconut Milk. Now a person would naturally assume the Light meant Low in Fat or Low in Energy Calories and potentially choose that as the best choice if they were watching intake of fat and calories...well when you compar

e the get 'Less Fat and Less overall Energy Calories' in the Homebrand Coconut Milk for the same serving size as the Trident Brand that was marketed at 'Light'. So Homebrand was a better alternative if someone was mindful of Fat and Calorie intake. Sneaky huh!!!

So if you're confused as to why the scales aren't changing and you feel you're doing all the right things. Spend sometime reviewing common brands you use (when you're not with the kids) and choose the best option based on 'ingredient labels' and 'Serving Size' and not on the Marketing on the container.

Want a brand compared? Let me know and I'll check it out and post it up.

Committed to you Health.

** I have no association with the brands compared.

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