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The USANA Health Pack Review. Pro's and Con's. Is it worth it?

Updated: May 8, 2023

The USANA Health Pack has been part of USANA's armory of health supplements for over 25 years. But does the cost of the USANA Health Pack's AM and PM pillow pockets prohibit some from buying it? Maybe!

USANA health pack

We've come to learn there are 3 different types of prices based on the level of commitment a customer is willing to participate at; plus there is a little bit of who-do-you-know mixed in there to get a discount - so is the USANA HealthPak, staying on your kitchen bench or not?

Psst: Did you land here just wanting to purchase the USANA HealthPak?

usana healthpak

First off: Who is USANA Health Sciences?

USANA Health Sciences is a 28-year-old research company for human nutrition and personal care products. They manufacture 95% of their ranges in-house at their FDA-registered facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. USANA produces and manufactures three ranges. 1) USANA Vitamins and Minerals

For adults called USANA Cellsentials, and Usanimals and BodyRox for children and Teenagers.

As part of the USANA Vitamin range are the USANA Optimizers. These are a variety of specialized products for the individual; for example.

- USANA Probiotic for Digestive Health.

- USANA Procosamine for Joint Health

3) USANA Foods Range. This is categorized with USANA RESET Weight Loss Program and the USANA 28 Day Program plus they also produce USANA Nutrimeal, Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, and Vanilla.

4) USANA Celavive Skincare and USANA Personal Care Range.

What Standard Does USANA Manufacture to?

When you buy vitamins for health, you are subject to 2 main specifications. Food Standard and Pharmaceutical Standard.

Food standards are your basic supermarket-type products, they are the stock standard, might-do-something-might-not, kind of range. Then you go up in price for another grade, Pharmaceutical Grade.

These are your Douglas Labs and USANA Products.

What is the USANA HealthPak

The USANA HealthPak is USANA's premier product that consists of 2 x AM and PM pillow pockets.

The AM packet contains:

USANA HealthPak

- USANA CellSentials Vita-Antioxidant with InCelligence Complex

- CellSentials Core Minerals

- MagneCal D

-CellSentials Booster

You can purchase the health pack through USANA independent distributors as they do not sell the range on health food shops or pharmacies.

You must ensure you are buying from a USANA Approved Site so you don't have any cheap imported copies.

Approved USANA NZ Site. Perfect Health Supplements

Approved USANA USA Site. Shop Health Vitamins Shop USANA in All Other Markets Click Here

The Benefits of the USANA Health Pack

Most people struggle to eat a balanced diet, day in and day out. With modern-day agricultural practices, work stresses, and our environment, there is a requirement for better nutrition than ever before to maintain our health.

We need more than just a vitamin. Today, we need a comprehensive blend of nutrients that are balanced to absorb. A product that carries guaranteed levels of nutrients having passed internal and external testing to pharmaceutical grade. USANA Products have each been independently tested by NSF and Nutrisearch Institutes and this is where USANA has it spot on.

Each USANA AM and PM HealthPak has the core requirements for heart, energy, and most of your micro-nutrition requirements, but not all at optimal levels (this is where you need the additional USANA Optimizer range), MagneCal D for bones (with magnesium and Vitamin D) and finally, an antioxidant booster to scavenge free-radical damage.

All in one easy-to-carry pillow pocket.

Is the USANA Science Really That Good?

USANA Health Pack's nutrition system is a very complex body of nutrients. It holds the correct balance of micro-nutrition at optimal levels your body needs to sustain good health.

The most important discovery in human nutrition was made by USANA in 2016. After 8 years of research, they discovered the types of nutrients the human cell need to communicate with one another.

Triple Action Support. This is a BIG deal.

USANA Celavive NZ

USANA can effectively Nourish the Cells,

USANA Celavive NZ

Protect the Cells

USANA Products NZ

and Renew the Cells

They appear to do so much more than the classical approach to vitamins, which have just 'nourished' the body.

Human cells need nutrients in order to stay healthy, we know this. But what the science world didn't know was what types of nutrients and what balances each cell needed in order to the stay healthy.

Now we know

This is what the USANA Scientists discovered. But with the HealthPak reaching over the $200 mark, it had better be good.

Triple Action Support. Doesn't Just Nourish

USANA's new Cell-Signalling technology interacts with your DNA to help produce a greater amount of endogenous antioxidants, These are antioxidants produced within the cell which are hundreds and hundreds of times more powerful than conventional antioxidants from food. USANA's Products certainly have hit the mark with not only nourishing the body to give you more energy, but now, protecting the cells from damage from our environment and contaminants from food, plus renewing the delicate mitochondria and preventing faster aging.

USANA Health Pack

Cons of the USANA HealthPak

As far as I can see, the only downside is:

1) Taking it twice per day

2) Cost

But this depends on how much of a Health Nut you are. To me, taking multiple supplements daily is like brushing my teeth - I've been doing it twice daily all my life.

Let's look at the 1970s. The WHO (World Health Org)

said we need 3 servings of Veggies a day to stay healthy and likely, free from disease.

Today that statistic is 9+ Servings of Veggies per day...and you had better have health insurance as the cost for the drugs you'll need for the disease you'll get is expensive.

Prevention is Better Than Cure.

So at $7 a day for the best supplement on the market...doesn't seem like a bad idea now, does it?

So many manufacturers manufacture vitamin products at food standards say 1 a Day. But perhaps following on from antiquated research, we need more nutrients and the capsules can only be so big. So as soon as consumers recognize that we need more than 1 tablet a day, the more normal it will become.

How Much Does USANA Cost?

If you are a Retail Customer: The price in NZ will be $254 and @ $9.03c a day, it's getting up there. But still worth it.

USANA Preferred Pricing is: $242 ($8.21 NZD per day)

USANA Auto Order*: $217 ($7.39, or Wholesale)

* USANA Auto Order is a monthly discounted price if you order USANA Products each month.

To Set up your Monthly Order from the official USANA Online Store for the USANA Health Pack or any other USANA Products

It's Free to Enroll. You must order something on set up. No obligation to continue.

If you are Internationally Based and would like to try the USANA Vitamin Products. We can still help.

Visit USANA International Market and then click at the Top Right, 'Change Markets' Choose your location and enjoy shopping.

Committed To Your Health.

Dale Folland. The Nutritionist.

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