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How To Detox Liver

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re still stuck in hibernation mode from the long winter sipping on red wine, you’re not alone. But now is a great time to detox your body, your mind, and your liver and set yourself up for an active and enjoyable summer.

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Here are seven steps to better health and a renewed sense of vitality to make the most out of the sunny months ahead.

1) Quick Quiz:

Do you feel thirsty right now? If you do, you’re already dehydrated. Water has so many amazing benefits: it helps control calorie intake, energizes your muscles, keeps your skin looking beautiful, and keeps those bowels working properly (hey, it’s important).

If you’re not a fan of plain water, infuse a little flavour by mixing in your favourite fruit, like strawberries and blueberries or lemons and oranges, or mix in some veggies, like cucumber slices.

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2) Eat More Good Foods...

Asparagus, for example, contains amino acids and minerals that can help protect liver cells against toxins. And beets contain an antioxidant that can help support the cells in the liver. Grate fresh beetroot and leave it in the fridge then whenever you can, munch away for a minute or so or whenever you have a Salad, out a few tablespoons on top.

3) ...And Eat Less Of Others

Okay, so alcohol isn’t a food and although it's quite temping over the winter to enjoy a nice smooth Pinot Noir to warm the belly, it can clog up your Liver quite a lot. But more importantly, if you’re trying to detox, you’ll want to avoid it. Your liver tends to give priority to alcohol intake placing an unnecessary strain on it during the detox phase.

Same with too much salt; the body needs small amounts of it to function, but too much can lead to high blood pressure, water retention, and other issues. And did you think I’d let you get away with processed sugar? Nope. Try to minimise your intake. Stick to natural sugars from fruit and leave the baked goods and sweets for special occasions (and I’m not talking about every Friday morning tea, I’m talking about birthdays and weddings).

4) Get Moving

This should already be a staple of your everyday life, in fact 4 x 30 min power walks weekly but if you’re not super active, just get outside and walk around the neighbourhood after dinner each night. Aids in digestion and not only can regular walks help you maintain a healthy weight and strengthen your bones and muscles, but it can also improve your mood. Major bonus.

5) Hit The Hay

And by that I mean make sure your head is hitting your pillow at least seven to nine hours a night. A proper night’s sleep can work wonders on your mood by lowering your stress levels, among other benefits. If you have trouble getting to sleep, make sure your bedroom is cool and dark, and remove your devices - oh yeah, try taking a shower right before your target bedtime.

Maybe it's just me, but 8 hours sleep and not having chemical-deodorant on during that time is 2,900 hours or 120 days or 4 months of the year without your body absorbing chemicals. Shower before bed :) Your Liver will Love you for it - remembering it's the job of the Liver to remove toxins, the more toxins, the more strain on the Liver and we all know what we're like if we have heaps to do at work...sometimes things get done quickly, but not efficiently. Don;t let your Liver become overloaded.

6) Clean up Your Living Space

Detox doesn’t just take place in your body and mind—it also includes your surroundings. Spend some time de-cluttering your closet and getting rid of the things you don’t need anymore.

- Open your windows and let fresh air in, even if it is a bit cold.

- Organize that junk drawer.

- De-cluttering has great benefits, take back that feeling of control over your life.

Your things don’t own you! Get rid of the excess and you’ll gain so much more in return.

7) Supporting your Diet with High Quality Detox Supplements

Even if you’re eating a healthy diet, which I might add needs to include a massive vegetable base these days but in saying that - it can be difficult to get all nutrients your body needs from food alone. We're just too busy!

Aim for optimal nutrition with supplementation rather than simply skating by with the Recommended Daily Allowance (which is a minimum to prevent nutrient deficiency...which was good in the WW2 days...not so good in 2018.

The USANA Digestion & Detox Supplements, along with the CellSentials, made with InCelligence technology, offers our best products to support your efforts for a renewed sense of well-being.

These USANA Supplements are specially put together to last you 28 days—perfect for a pre-summer detox.

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