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I Now Know Why Females Live Longer! Seriously - I do!

Yep, I've seen the statistics too. Females live longer than Males.

But Why? Is there simply just a biological advantage?

Beatrice Wood says, 'I owe it to chocolate and young men'. Not sure there's a great deal of science going on there, but I'm sure Bob Wood wasn't too happy about Beatrice's choices in life...

USANA NZ PerfectHealthSupplements

I digress.

Did you know this live longer malarkey differs from country to country?

In Russia, females have 12 years on their fellas while in the US, females live on average 6.5 years longer. The UK is 5.3 years and in India, it's pretty much the same. Sorry India...need to pick things up there.

However, my theory gets stronger by the minute on hearing about India - you'll hear why shortly.

But of all the Centenarians (people that live over 100 years) 85% are it the Veggies? Or because females are less risk adverse?

No. It's Spin.

Spin Class. They do Spin!!! Have you heard of it? It's a stationary bike and I know...why bother - but I'm sure this is the reason.

They get their butts out of bed at stupid o'clock and go jump on a bike that stands still. Men DON"T know this...because they're still asleep.

This is my theory!

I had the pleasure of joining my girlfriend in Spin Class this morning. Of all the participants, I was the only male in a nearly packed out class.

Pretty good right!

The lights went out and the music started, it was our own little disco at 6am, which reminded me of my younger days at dance clubs but with a better ratio and in 10 minutes I was sweating among the best of them.

45 mins later I slipped off the bike seat and wobbled like a cowboy to the car. Done. I should now live just as long as a female.

...and how's this related to India?

Would anyone in their right mind do a spin class in 40C heat after eating a Vindaloo the night before? No.

Therefore, no one does spin in India so they must die roughly the same age**

**I have nothing to back that up.

Ok, so Spin Class is probably not the most accurate reason but we all know...and don't need to be told over and over that exercise will make you live longer.

Check This Reason Out

One very convincing theory is that men develop cardiovascular disease faster than women do, and we kind of know why.

They are 2 x more likely to smoke and drink to excess as well as exercise less and they are involved in more risky behaviors.

However, women are more likely to be iron deficient compared to men, this is due to menstruation plus iron plays a critical roll in the reactions in our cells that produces premature aging and long term damage from 'free radicals'.

So iron is just one substance that can be damaging to the inner walls of our cells therefore has a ripple effect of inflammatory conditions and degenerative diseases.

So, in order to prevent premature aging, reduce the amount of Free Radical damage. Free Radicals are an oxygen charged molecule which can attach themselves onto cell membranes and DNA, and may translate into aging of the human cell, which reflects through our skin.

How To Potentially Renew Our Cells And Feel Young Again

The science is very new but damn encouraging!

In 2016, scientists at USANA Health Sciences have worked tirelessly around the clock for the past 8 years uncovering something called Cell Signalling. They were trying to understand what nutrients cells were using in particular to communicate with one another and stay healthy.

This is ground-breaking new science for the human body.

Watch this brief 2 min clip here.

Science has proven to be able to help the cell repair itself whereas the 'classic approach' to supplementation was to simply nourish the body.

InCelligence is the technology within USANA's top products that speaks your owns cells language and USANA NZ has the worlds first nutritional range to carry InCelligence.

USANA HealthPak (Multi, Cal/Mag, Boosters)

Supporting Cellular Communication Pathways.

We now have the ability to target specific pathways with specific blended nutrients and this was no known previously in science.

Who would've thought!!

Through cell-signalling, it allows a comprehensive spectrum of cell pathways to be impacted. Here’s just a few examples of what supporting and turning on these cell-signaling pathways can do:

  • Optimize cellular function.

  • Support a healthy immune system.

  • Support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

  • Optimize the production of powerful antioxidants made inside cells.

  • Support cellular clean-up processes.

So it's not only a Spin Class that will make you live longer, nor is it living without Russian Vodka, but it's pretty evident that specific compounds play an active roll in cell-renewal.

Does that mean our cells renew themselves over dying?

We'll have to see.

But While The Science Evolves. I Wouldn't Wait.

USANA NZ and Perfect Health Supplements hold the entire range that InCelligence Cell-Signaling Complex has.

To try the product visit Perfect Health Supplements This site is a leading retailer for USANA NZ.

If you would like to try these products as a USANA Preferred Customer which allows you to have a further 10% off, please visit their Official USANA Preferred Customer Page.

It's free to join.

Committed to your Health

Dale Folland Nutritionist

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