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Hmmm, was that your stomach?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Let me set the scene.

You're on a first date, it's going well you had a nice Italian meal and you're relaxing having a nice glass of red chatting the night away. You hear a gurgle down below in your stomach, hoping your date didn't hear anything you continue talking but you start to think taking her to an Italian restaurant wasn't the best idea for a first date.

A few minutes later that small gurgle just erupted into something that sounded like a thermal mud pool at Rotorua...something bad is happening, you get distracted and think it might be appropriate to apologise for the build-up of whatever the-heck-that-was, but she may not have heard - you panic, should I go to the bathroom or pretend I have a robust healthy digestive system.

Now, you just want to leave. You feel bloated, fat and uncomfortable and you think your stomach is growing larger by the second.

Welcome to the date killer. Poor digestion.

Don't get me wrong, everyone at times has a build up of gas post-eating. It's normal.

However if you get excessive gas build-up and bloating consistently and it's uncomfortable, there are 3 helpful hints below that could help you move that first date to a second.

3 Help Hints to Stop Bloating.

1) There are no teeth past your mouth (read that again) No teeth in your gut!

The digestive system doesn't track too well with big clumps of food. You've heard it before when you were 8 years old...'Chew your food'. 30 x in fact. Well now you're an adult it may be a good idea to take on that advice.

Your saliva forms part of the important first phase of digestion adding important enzymes to the food as you grind. If you don't grind and add those're compromising digestion.

But if you can't be bothered chewing and do just a nominal amount to stop choking to death, get yourself some USANA Probiotics, you'll need them and it might be your saving grace if you have a Date 2.

USANA Probiotics.

Probiotics and in particular, USANA Probiotics form an important part of digestion. We hold 3-4 kilograms (6-7 pounds) of bacteria in our stomach and depending on if you have healthy eating habits will determine if your gut bacteria is out of balance.

Imagine having 3 kg of bad bacteria in your will feel poorly quite a bit, lethargic and not motivated to do much.

How to Get Better Digestion?

USANA Probiotic has particular strains of bacteria that are proven to by-pass the harsh environment of the gut and colonise the intestines, where it's needed. This is why it helps you stop the bloating from food and makes your gut more comfortable.

Effective probiotics are a definite must if you're after some relief with those long afternoon meetings, straight after lunch. Several clinical trials have shown that certain probiotic supplements, in particular Probiotics from USANA can help reduce both gas production, as well as bloating, in people with digestive problems

Charcoal tablets also help to ease the gut pain as they neutralise the gas within the gut that builds up after foods.

2) Get into the habit of drinking more water during the day between meals so you can reduce fluids at meal times.

By drinking water or other fluids with food, if affects your pH balance and you dilute the powerful acids that are in your stomach that help break down your food during digestion.

3) Relax after dinner and sit up straight, don't lie down.

If you do any sort of physical exercise you divert blood away from your digestive organs and this can reduce the efficiency of the digestive process. Rest for at least 30 mins after meals. A great way to not do to dishes straight away.

And a 4th cheeky hint...Eat Slowly, put down your knife and fork for a minute or two every couple of minutes. Give your body time to digest.

By slowing down, make your body not bloat so fast - you don't swallow nearly as much air which can lead to uncomfortable bloating.

Now, chew your food s l o w l y, take your USANA probiotics, drink less at dinners and get on that Date 2.

Other things to consider is reducing the amount of gluten in your meals and food combining - more to come in other blog posts.

Happy Digestion Everyone.

Dale Folland

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