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Well, Hi there Sugar.

Kids are great aren’t they?... Excitable wee things that bound around like they have some sort of high octane rocket fuel instead of blood whilst the adults just sit back keeping a close eye and occasionally shouting – ‘leave your sister alone’!!

USANA Products.

The best way to talk about this is to explain it in ‘kiddies’ terms.

Ever seen the effects of a child after a bag of candy? Nightmare isn’t it!! And you’ve more than likely heard the term ‘sugar high’. It happens to us as adults too, but after a ‘sugar high’ we might be a little more subdued. Instead of beating up our younger sibling as we would’ve done when we were younger, we might have a little more zest and feel like going to the gym – but all too soon, that feeling generally subsides and we put it off another day - thats the sugar low.

As for the kiddies? Well they can just fall asleep wherever they want to.

The Glycaemic Index

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Glycaemic Index or GI, plus all those up’s and downs throughout the day. On the scheme of things GI hasn’t been around that long, but it’s had a major impact on dieting already. GI measures the rate at which food is digested and absorbed within your body.

We absorb sugary foods rapidly and therefore they have a high GI value e.g. Pretzels, or White Bread


We digest foods with a lower GI value slower, therefore some foods provide a slow raise in blood sugars eg: Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt, or USANA Shakes (USANA RESET)

Now these are important things to think about when you want to lose a few pounds. Low GI options can help you lose weight and lower blood lipids (fat) and they improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Let’s not forget about the high GI foods though, these aren’t foods we cut out completely as they can help with re loading your glycogen stores after exercise. It’s vitally important that you understand the GI – so if you need help here, just let me know.

Ok. Eat sugar, get fat?

In a round about way, saying ‘eating sugar makes you fat’ is spot on. Not only will your body break down excess energy supplies and store them as a fat….if you’re overweight and eat lots of sugar, your chance of getting adult onset diabetes increases 10 fold.

Did you know that fizzy drinks account for 10-15% of the total calories for teenagers in the USA? If you're one of these want would like a healthier option, the ones we recommend are USANA Rev3.

USANA Rev3 Energy Drink.

Check out in the Information here. USANA Rev3 Energy Drink

What's concerning is that one in three kids born in the year 2000 in the USA will develop diabetes? Not a great statistic is it! I know I’d certainly want to ‘choose’ the foods I eat to lose a few kilos, than to be ‘forced’ to eat particular foods for the rest of my life as a result of diabetes.

Without blinding you with science, the slower the rate of digestion, the more constant your energy levels.

This is important because it has a huge knock-on effect. If you have a sustained energy release you’re more than likely going to have the energy and motivation to exercise. Not too many people head off for exercise when they are feeling tired – although this is can happen when you eat high GI foods.

But don’t get me wrong, high GI foods aren’t all that bad; some options are used by athletes as they are great after intense exercise to re-stock those energy stores within your body.

Choosing the right types of GI foods and when to eat them to maximize your weight loss goals and increase energy levels is the key.

For further information on micro-nutrition and the importance it has on your health. Read up on our Products Partners Post

Committed to your Health

Dale Folland

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