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What Does Broccoli and Probiotics Have In Common?

I've always tried to teach people that when they are about to make a decision on food, to ask themselves.

Will this nourish me?

USANA NZ Probiotic

It's a good question to ask isn't it? We can easily get accustomed to eating food that perhaps is easy to make or the kids will enjoy (or eat) but often the last thing that is on someones mind is about the full nutrient profile of the food and it's importance for health.

This is Why I Do What I Do.

If you can take away ONE thing from my informational health posts and apply it daily to your lives - you're health will improve, it's that simple.

So What Does Broccoli and Probiotics have in Common?

Well according to researchers in Singapore, they have found when mixing Broccoli and certain Probiotics together it was killing 95% of Colorectal Cancers that were grown in the laboratory.

It was also found that it reduced cancerous tumours by 75% in mice with colorectal cancer.

Their tumours ended up being three times smaller than in the control mice who hadn’t been fed the mixture.

This is still in it's preliminary stages however this is pretty exciting stuff!

Want to skip the rest and get onto a Pharmaceutical Grade Probiotic?

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What Can You Do Now To Prevent Colon Cancers?

The standard prevention approach applies across the board with any disease.

> Eat a diet high in Vegetables and in this particular case, Cruciferous Vegetables.

> Drink plenty of filtered water

> Exercise 30-45 mins 5 x a week.

> Stay away from processed delicatessen meats as it can increase your risk to certain Cancers**

If you're family has a history of disease, get regular check ups.

Are all Probiotics The Same?

No they are not. Many Probiotics on the market have very little to no clinical data regarding their benefit or physiological activity.

You have at any point in time, about 3-4 kg of bacteria in the digestive system and the majority resides in the intestines. The balance of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria will depend on the individuals health and nutritional regime, but the Intestines is ideally where you want your Probiotic bacteria to work

USANA Health Sciences (USANA NZ) features a unique 50/50 mixture of Bifidobacterium BB-12®† and Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGG®†—two strains of USANA Probiotic bacteria that have been clinically proven to promote a natural balance of beneficial micro flora, bypassing the gut and colonising the intestines.

To purchase USANA Probiotics click the link below.


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To read further information on the Research behind USANA Probiotics Click Here

In the meantime, keep eating your Broccoli and start taking a USANA Probiotic Sachet every other day for 2 weeks. I would recommend to repeat this process, 7-8 times a year.

A very inexpensive approach to ensuring optimal gut health.

Committed To Your Health

Dale Folland

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