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MyHealth is important to me - and so is yours but with today's busy lifestyle, it can have it's challenges. After 18 years in the health and wellness industry, I have collated what I believe is 30 of the most critical lifestyle habits you should consider and listed them into one simple;

MyHealth. 1-a-Day Lifestyle Change Program e-book.

Choose simply One lifestyle option and integrate it daily for 30 days for a complete Lifestyle Health Revamp.

We'll share tips on having a healthier home, improved wellness, improved financial health, spiritual health, food and exercise options, workplace health changes and scrummy Low GI recipes, world famous fruit and green smoothies plus loads extras.

$14.80 - we're taking e-book pre-orders now.

Contributions to this effective, comprehensive yet simple program have been helped along by some of the most influential Health Gurus, Financial Educators and Lifestyle Practitioners we have available today.

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