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Why Do I Always Get Sick?

It's a challenge especially over Winter periods so it's no surprise that we always get sick - some more so than others.

We go to work when it's dark, come home late, we choose not to exercise all that much because it's cold and often wet and at times, choose not to eat the healthier raw, plant based foods that provide the body with microbiome that supports our immune function.

Then what happens? Sickness.

Our body is left vulnerable to infection from others who have viruses.

Follow This Guide to learn more on our gut health, how to improve digestive system and the processes to strengthen your immune system

If you would like to take the direct approach and build up your healthy bacteria. I would recommend to take 2-3 courses of

Bifidobacterium BB12 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG LGG

In short. USANA Probiotics that are designed specifically to target the immune system and survive the transit of the harsh acidic environment of the gut.

USANA Proglucamune is a superior product for helping immune cells adapt to your unique needs. It contains a certified organic blend of medicinal mushrooms (reishi and shiitake), combined with the InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex plus zinc to help boost immunity by strengthening your immune cells.

It supports the immune

cells to work more effectively and helps them to minimise the negative impact that stress or strenuous exercise can have on immune function.

Those are two products we have been recommending for years as powerful immune boosters.

Any specific Questions.

Committed To Your Health. NewLives Nutrition Team


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