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Is Increasing Your Metabolism Good For Weight Loss?

Are you one of these people that wake up in the morning and feel like you’ve haven’t been asleep, someone that needs a coffee before they could consider opening their eyes?

USANA NZ. Perfect Health Supplements

If your friends said “we’re off to the beach… grab your swimsuit” would you find excuses not to go; ‘I’d love to, but I really need to do the housework’ or ‘That would be fun but we’re off to do the shopping this afternoon’. Do you dread tight tops or skin tight jeans? How ‘bout pulling your sweater over your behind when you stand up?

But you’re definitely tried exercising and dieting!

Hmmm, wait a sec, dieting – that dreaded word that as soon as you read it you think ‘Deprivation of Food’ and ‘Hunger’.

How long will I last this time, you ask yourself? But it’s new and you’re desperate to try it because this could be the one that works!

Life doesn’t have to be this way, chasing diet after diet looking for results – YOU are in control of your weight. Let me repeat this because it’s a very important point – YOU are in control of your weight. All you need is the right advice, the right knowledge and some motivation. The key to getting to your target scale is desire.

Ask yourself this simple question – ‘How bad do I want to reach my weight goal…and stay there?’

Let me take this opportunity and introduce myself. My name is Dale Folland. I’m a Sports and Lifestyle Nutritional Consultant in New Zealand. I’ve helped thousands of people feel better about themselves simply by making changes to the way they eat – and I’m not talking about deprivation of food, I’m talking about losing fat through balanced nutritious eating, supplementation and exercise!

Why do people continue to try diets that aren’t effective and more importantly, waste valuable time and money? No one would put their finger in a plug socket, get a shock and do it again and again and again.

Well, no one in their right mind. So, assuming you have all your marbles – let’s change things!

Case Study

I recall one of my client’s, we’ll call her Karen. Karen came to me at 233 lbs (106 kg). She was desperate and pleading for help. Karen had tried over 15 commercial diets and spent literally hundreds of dollars on books and materials that promised weight loss. She said some were effective but the weight just crept back on and after finishing some diets she ended up even heavier.

Sound familiar to you?

Karen and I sat down and discussed what she had done in the past and what she felt worked for her. We discussed her short, mid and long-term weight loss goals and what eating plan best suited her lifestyle. Now this is important because if a plan doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, your chance of achieving your goals are slim to none – and slim just left town.

So Karen and I designed an eating plan ‘together’ that suited her body type and tastes, making sure we satisfied the necessary approaches optimal nutritional intake, like effective Usana NZ micro-nutrition and plenty of vegetables and lean meats.

We placed Karen on an exercise program using no gym or home equipment that complimented her lifestyle and Karen lost an amazing 101 lbs (46 kg) in just over 7 months. Karen reduced her cholesterol and blood pressure, her self esteem improved. She has kept the weight off because she understands now what she needs to do. And the best thing of all, she’s never gone hungry.

Why? The Power of Metabolism!

You see your metabolism is ‘one’ of the keys to losing weight. There’s no one single thing that’ll burn fat and improve your wellbeing. No special pills or potions, no one piece of exercise equipment that’ll do the trick. It’s a combination of elements and your metabolism is one essential tool that you need to work with first.

What Is Metabolism?

Metabolism refers to the amount of calories that your body will naturally burn. If we stimulate this through intelligent eating, exercise and supplementation, a complete holistic approach, the rate of which you burn fat increases.

Imagine that, ‘the rate at which you burn fat increases’. That means you can super charge your fat loss and get to your target weight goal - faster than a speeding bullet. Yes, you can!

If you feel like you’d like to benefit from a slimmer body, forever, without the harsh weight gains from commercial dieting. If you like the idea of super charging your fat loss through the Power of Metabolism then make Contact With Me and I'll put you on the right track.

Want a Fast Start?

Fundamentally, managing your metabolism is relatively simple. Most of my clients start off there approach to weight-loss and

USANA NZ 5 day RESET System.

start off the process. It is probably the most effective system I've come across to help decrease the hunger pangs during the initial period.

Many health practitioners use similar programs and I've been recommending the USANA NZ RESET for the past 14 years. It's not something I suggest people live off as I am a firm believer of healthy whole food eating but the USANA 5 Day Program it is an engineered healthy and safe food option that Obese Patients at the University of Monash in Sydney live on to start their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The RESET Program is a Certified Low GI option so you feel full for longer, plus is has over 30grams of Fibre per day (average intake is 12g per day) you include healthy Low GI snacks as part of the day and others continue on with the following 28 Day Program furthering their weight-loss.

To understand more on it, you can read what Dr Karen Wolfe says about it.

USANA NZ and Dr Karen Wolfe discuss the RESET.

I’d love to work with you and help you achieve your goals. I’m passionate about nutrition and feel strongly that with correct guidance and support you’ll never need to look at dieting again. My commitment is to educate you so you know why, when and how to eat – forever! If you want to reduce your overall body fat percentage and keep it off, if you want to look better, leaner…. and most important of all improve your health and well being for life, let’s get started.

Go to Schedule A Session and in return you'll receive your FREE MyHealth e-book. A 30 day step-by-step guide to a New You.

Have a fantastic day!

Dale Folland

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