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How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

USANA NZ - Heart Health CoQuinone 100 (CoQ10)

USANA NZ. CoQ10 Heart Health

Whats worse.

Hearing those words or not hearing them.

If you hear's not you! It's Game Over for someone you know.

If you don't hear them...well, it's Game Over for You.

Either way, both ways suck.

Cardiovascular disease is a catch term for all of the diseases affecting the heart and surrounding vessels—is the number one leading cause of mortality globally according the World Health Organization followed closely by the all dreaded 'C' word.

Lets face it, we hate them both!

Or do we? How often do we take time to protect our heart? World Health Organisation say - 'Not much time is spent on protecting the main vessel responsible to keep us alive, in fact, many of us are poisoning it slowly'

There is great news surrounding all the bad.

80% of Heart Disease and all cardiac events, including strokes are preventable with good education.

What Are Your Risks?

Smoking is the No.1 risk factor...that we know but also the silent killer, high blood pressure. We can't feel blood pressure can we, we also can't feel cancer until it's in it's final stages. What about high LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) we can't feel plague building in our arteries. So education and action ARE the only key to surviving into our 90's.

Several other medical conditions and lifestyle choices can also put people at a higher risk for heart disease, including:

  • diabetes

  • being overweight and obesity

  • poor diet

  • physical inactivity

  • excessive alcohol use

What Can You Do?

The American Heart Foundation and many other medical authorities say 30 mins 5 x a week is great heart therapy. It's just as effective as taking a 'Pill' to lower cholesterol or to manage stress. You/re less likely to suffer from depression as well.

Exercise!!! That's it. That's pretty easy right?

If you have been off the wagon with exercise lately and you are wondering where to start here are some suggestions to back into the the habit.

Walking is by far the most popular way to improve your heart health. It's lowers stress, lowers blood pressure, easy on the joints and most of us have two legs and can get anywhere with ease.

I Don't Have Time

Yes you do.

Example 1:

If you're boss came to you today and said 'Your job hours have changed and you are required to work an extra 30 mins a day or we'll need to let you go'.

Now for the sake of my probably won't happen, but if it did, you'd find the time to knock 30 mins off your lunch, or start early.

Example 2:

If you were driving home and had a flat're forced to take the time and change it.

What happens if there were road works that lasted a year on your route home - annoying, but an extra 30 mins drive time.

You'd have the time.

We all sadly know someone that has lost their life to degenerative disease - early. What would they say if they had the chance to re-do their lives over again. My guess is they would re-consider some choices. If anyone who is suffering a illness...factors like, lowering stress, eating better, stop smoking, drink less, exercise come into mind - we're all reactive with sickness events over pro-activel

All things that are preventable are FREE to do and EASY to form a HABIT.

It is important that you designate 30 minutes to moderate walking to allow your heart to really work and to work for a lengthy period of time.

The Centre for Disease Control say Swimming is one of the most effective exercises for cardiovascular strength. It puts very little stress on your joints and muscles, making it easier for people to exercise for longer without an increased effort.

Your heart rate also doesn’t spike as high when swimming because you are horizontal instead of vertical. This makes it easier for your heart to pump blood throughout your body.

Furthermore, when exercising in cool water, your body doesn’t have to work to keep you cool. This means that if you could only run for 15 minutes you probably could swim much longer. And when exercising for heart health the more the better! It also has been reported that people enjoy water-based exercise more than exercising on land.

Biking is also a low impact exercise mode. You can join a spin class, ride a road bike outside, or climb trails on your mountain bike. To avoid injuries and feel comfortable on your bike, it is important to set you seat height appropriately.

USANA NZ And CoQuinone 100 Supplementation

Alongside exercise we need to eat well. But if you review my other blog posts about nutrient deficiency, you'll see we categorically cannot get all our spectrum of nutrients from food alone. It's imperative we pick up the short falls by effective supplementation.

But if there were 'specific' nutrients in optimal amounts specifically designed to enhance the performance and health of an life giving organ - would you choose to take it?

If you are Proactive with your health then you'd be all over it.

USANA NZ CoQ10 Heart Health

(CoQ10) is an antioxidant that plays an essential role in the production of energy in heart cells, helping to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. It is an essential nutrient for the basic functioning of cells.

CoQ10 is essential in energy metabolism and supports optimal stamina which is also extremely beneficial to those with an active lifestyle and for athletes. It is by far the most recommended supplement for maintaining heart health.

If you are generally healthy, you may want to consider supplementing if…

  • You are over 30. Levels of coenzyme Q10 in the body may begin to drop as early as your twenties!

  • Maintaining cardiovascular health is one of your key concerns.

  • You live a stressful lifestyle, you often exercise intensely, or you don’t eat as well as you should, because CoQ10 is also a powerful defender against oxidative stress.

  • You don’t eat meat or seafood—as these are the main sources.

  • You are often very tired and weak (and if you are experiencing this, you should go to the doctor!).

One Tip I Received From A Centenarian

'Whatever you do - ensure you exercise, love someone unconditionally, eat a colourful diet of fibrous veggies and stay positive and happy'.

Can't argue with that advice right!!

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