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USANA NZ Price List (2023)

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

USANA NZ Price List 2023 - Link Below.

USANA NZ and USANA Health Sciences have been very competitive in the market place for the past 21 years in NZ and 26 years globally.

As New Zealand's only pharmaceutical grade nutritional product, I personally feel they should be more expensive! More products should adhere to the same grade, but they don't.

I often see your basic food grade products found on the supermarket shelves higher in price than USANA's range. I desperately want to stop shoppers when they are bending over reviewing the labels like they know what they are looking at - it's nasty nasty cheap ingredients (if you could call them that)

USANA is a great range, as is Douglas Laboratories, as is Solgar. I just prefer USANA because of the 100% return policy guarantees and level of quality and research. But if USANA doesn't have a product that is required by a customer, I direct them to Douglas or Solgar. They are my secondary options.

Or click on the USANA Logo below.

USANA NZ Price List

USANA are a nutritional research centre based in Salt lake City, Utah.

They manufacture a world class nutritional, weight management and personal care products.

USANA choose to manufacture their products to pharmaceutical grade where most nutritional products are listed to food standards.

Pharmaceutical Grade vs. Food Grade Products

There is quite the difference so let me make an analogy between Pizza and Penicillin.

If you went to the Pizza shop and ordered a Pepperoni Pizza. This is called a food grade product (or in some countries it's called Food Standard)

One night your Pepperoni Pizza may contain 20 slices of Pepperoni. The next night, your Pepperoni only had 17 slices pepperoni.

Is it still called a Pepperoni Pizza? Of course. In fact, you probably didn't even notice the difference.

Your Food Grade Vitamins, found at the majority of supermarkets and health food stores are the exact same.

The product, lets say Brand X may say 1,200mg Vit C on the label but on analysis, you may find 520mg Vit C or you may also find 1,400mg Vit C.

But how do you check? Well you can't unless your local reporter finds out. Report here

But back to Brand X. Now, my guess is the company isn't going to provide more raw ingredient without the marketing to go with it right, so often there has been example after example of companies not labeling correctly.

Basically - you are not getting what you're paying for and when it comes to your you really want that type of insurance plan?

But lets look at Pharmaceutical Grade - Penicillin.

If you go to the Dr and get prescribed 20mg Penicillin, it has to be precise in measurement, not one gram more or less and that's the difference. The controls over quality are greater, the 3rd party verifications are present. More government 'red tape' needs to be ticket even to allow it to the public. Scientists at the helm wearing ET style protective suits so your product doesn't get contaminated with a bit of dust that comes off their jacket.

You get the drift.

USANA NZ and USANA Health Sciences manufacture their products to Pharmaceutical Grade GMP's. What's on the label, guaranteed by law to be inside the bottle, not 1 gram less or 1 gram more.

In fact, their facility is FDA Registered. Meaning they have the ability to make 'Pharmaceutical Drugs' but they don't, they only focus on the development of the best multivitamins online.

With USANA Products. You are paying for quality. You are paying for optimal levels of nutrients in each batch and ensuring the potency is guaranteed 'even' after the product hits it's expiry dates of 24 months.

With USANA Products you have a guarantee over each product you purchase. Your USANA Product will have a 30 Day 100% Money Back, No questions ask Guarantee should you want to return it. If you find it sits in your pantry and you forget to take it. You have a 365 Day Guarantee still if it's in re-sellable condition.

If you are a USANA Sponsored Athlete, you have a US$1 Million Dollar Guarantee that you will be taking a product that is free from contaminants that would test an athlete positive in a drug test.

This is why there is the largest pool of athletes on the planet taking USANA Products.

Wouldn't you prefer a level of quality to match the life you want to live?

To Visit the USANA Approved Online Leading Retailer. Click on the USANA Health Sciences logo below.

USANA NZ Vitamins and Supplements


Dale Folland

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