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USANA NZ. There's More Than Just Nourishment.

USANA (NZ) and the scientists at USANA Health Sciences introduced recently something that the science world has been wondering.

Is there more to health than perhaps, just the classical approach?


When we say, Classical Approach to Nutrition, it's nourishment from exogenous antioxidants, so nutrients from our environment. However this isn't always easy as our environment and agricultural practices have changed significantly over the years but we haven't changed the nutritional variables to counter-act the change and this has impacted the health of our communities immensely.

This is why USANA NZ and USANA Health Sciences have invested Millions of Dollars into further researching how cells communicate within our body - this scientific breakthrough is a discovery that has been 25 years in the making and it's called InCelligence Technology

How It Works:

To hear it direct from the Scientists themselves read this brief not-so-technical-Info.

The human body is complex, it creates millions of chemical reactions daily keeping you alive and you cells sense it's environment all the time.

Each single cell communicates with each other using a series of nutrients and phyto-chemicals about how to respond to the environment that you've given it. This process called Cell-Signalling.

The USANA NZ InCelligence Complex contains a group of phytonutrients that act as signalling molecules for your body.

This means, the nutrients in USANA InCelligence Complex works like a key opening a lock or a special password to access the human cell.

All of those nutrients then tell the cell what to do - they speak your cells language.

They Have Their Own Protective Mechanism

The cells operate and work more effectively when given the correct and optimal levels of nutrients and therefore they're able to protect themselves from within. This is called Endogenous Antioxidants.

Endogenous Antioxidants are hundreds and hundreds of times more powerful than the antioxidants we get from food alone - remember, the classical approach to nutrition, it just nourishes cell. As we age, the other protective mechanisms, the Protect and Renew abilities slowly subside and we find to challenging to stay healthy with an abundance of energy.

Should We Bother?

You should. It's your body. Quite often my clients say that they have had a health scare and that has prompted them to see me.

Creating a healthier body has a certain ripple effect for health. You'll feel better, feel more energised, your skin feels and looks nicer and your body's elimination processes work more efficiently.

USANA NZ and USANA Health Sciences have certainly created products that are now proven to enhance and improve your health - guaranteed. No wonder over 3,000 Elite Olympic Athletes trust their health and career to these products.

To Try USANA's InCelligence Products.

Visit USANA's Approved Perfect Health Supplements Website.

Any questions, please contact us.

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