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Botox Can't Fix The Custard Slice You Ate. But This Might.

People have over the years asked my opinion on a different variety of pills and potions that help with weight-loss. This time the USANA Food Products are on my mind.

USANA RESET Online Review

USANA Nutrimeal / USANA 5 Day RESET Program

One of the primary reasons USANA Nutrimeal is so sought after is because they are Certified as Low GI food option.

In fact, USANA NZ Nutrimeal was the first certified Low GI meal replacement and Low GI is a good thing when it comes to maintaining your energy levels - no crash and burn here!!

Plus, when you Buy USANA Foods, they contain a high volume of Fibre (or Fiber if you're reading up on USANA Foods in the USA) and also they essential co-factors to help support your health and lose weight effectively - without going hungry.

The average NZ'er takes in over the day 12grams of Fibre. We need in >30grams fibre per day for optimal digestive health and the 5 Day RESET gives you exactly that each day. You will get flushed out like a airplane toilet and you'll feel fantastic.

As a Nutritionist

I have been using and recommending this food line for over 14 years and have had absolutely tremendous results with my clients.


I tell people who use USANA products not to expect USANA Nutrimeal Shakes and USANA 5 Day Reset Program to work wonders if you maintain your existing diet...because your existing diet is probably one of the main reasons you're reading up on the USANA Foods Review right? To see if it works.

Well, it does, and you will need to modify and make changes to your existing diet and work in some moderate to high intensity exercise - yes, exercise. Contact us and we'll provide a follow on program after the 5 day RESET so you can continue to manage your weight loss.

It's Simple

If you exercise 30-45 minutes per day, you will live longer. If you're interested in identifying your health risk factors so know exactly where your risk areas are then checkout the USANA True Health Assessment.

The Scientists at USANA Health Sciences have created an

accurate online assessment tool that has effective algorithms measuring your risk factors based on the inputted data. This specific health report identifies key areas where you can improve your health. You will receive 3 Details Reports listing the changes you can make to improve your long term health.

Try it out for yourself by reviewing The True Health Assessment

USANA Nutrimeal Review.

The following highlights the main points and why I recommend USANA RESET 5 Day Jump Start Program. USANA Nutrimeal and USANA Food Range.

  • All USANA Nutrimeal are manufactured in the companies state of the Art FDA Registered Facility Guaranteeing your USANA Nutrimeal (and USANA Vitamins) to have potency guarantees and be 100% free from contaminants.

  • USANA uses on only the highest grade nutrients, proteins and essential fats to make their USANA Nutrimeal

  • All their ingredients sit in quarantine for 4 months while they undergo testing for pesticides, in-organic compounds, chemicals and any other substance that would be harmful to your body.

  • All of USANA Nutrimeal Range has a 100% Money Back Guarantee in place - plus it's Certified low GI. Keeping your body at a stable energy level.

  • USANA Nutrimeal contains a considerable amount of Fibre. A key component in the food range to help you to get a healthy immune system and a healthy digestive tract.

  • They taste absolutely delicious as a snack or a meal replacement.

RESET Pro's and Cons


Low GI, lots or fibre, additional high quality USANA HealthPak vitamins, probiotics to increase gut performance and digestion, inexpensive and effective.


Shakes. If you don't like meal replacement shakes, this may not be the program for you. You need to have 2 to 3 a day. However, the USANA 5 Day RESET does include a tracking sheet and Low GI meal options so you are actually eating real food too.

To order USANA Nutrimeal to to find out more about USANA's Foods and USANA Vitamins please contact me direct

Ditch the'll feel a lot and look a lot better if you take a more natural approach to your image.

Committed To Your Health. The Nutritionist

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